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Foster a  happier life for your pet.
Pets like people experience emotions. They show happiness , excitment and contentment . Equally, pets can suffer grief abuse,detachment,lack of concentration annoyance ,aggression, fear and confusion .  Behavioural  problems can manifest if these latter signs are not addressed .    

  Animals often respond even more quickly than people to flower essences.
Pets can absorb or mirror our own emotional,mental and sometimes, even physical state. Should this be the case, essence support for owner or 'significant other' may also be recommended to best serve  the pet's emotional care.
What concerns do you have about your pet?
Is your pet…
--nervous, frenetic 
-- obsessive
--the runt of the litter
--a slow learner
--a bully to other household members
--unable to groom or care for himself due to old age or infirmity
-- bad-tempered or  moody
--coping with painful physical infirmity
-- unfriendly, touchy or irritable
-- overly dissatisfied with food
--with a history of many changes   of home or ownership
--young with a short attention span
--soiling , spraying
--displaying destructive behaviors
--upset by bad weather
--a guard or guide dog
Has your pet …
--Been abused, de-clawed or lost companion
-- Been weaned too early or has its babies been given away recently
--Been traumatized or injured
Are you
--moving home
--faced with giving up  your pet
--worried about your pet’s health
--dealing with change –loss of partner, teenagers 
Do you  have pets that
--fight, hiss , squabble
--have litter box blues,
--are agitated , over excited or edgy
--are  bored
--are scared of storms, traveling
--are not adapting to relocation
--need frequent vet visits
--are overweight
Essences do not replace proper veterinary care or proper nutrition.
Essences work effectively to correct problems at the root cause and can be integrated with traditional medicine and other healing modalities .
You can purchase a remedy in 2 ways!
  1 Choose a combination remedy  - on this page
Scroll  below to view some common concerns about a pet’s health, behaviour, travel and other stressful situations.
Just scroll ,select a remedy and pay!
2 Select the e-consultation service- click here
Choose this option if your pet has a complex situation or multiple issues  or you just don't know where to start . You receive a specifically tailored essence remedy for your pet’s unique needs AND a follow-up email support .
NOTE- you are welcomed to email questions - no oligation - before you commit to this option or any other time.
  ----------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------Remedies for you Pet                   
For fear/trauma associated with trip. Fosters nurturing sense that visit is for assistance with or prevention of a health issue.
Price: $16.00
Surgery Support
Alleviates worry/fear;softens separation from owner; anaesthetic first aid; fosters sense that s/he will be alright; promotes healthful attitude to recovery.
Price: $16.00
Illness Recovery
For stress-reduction & single focus on recovery; promotes a health-orientated attitude.
Price: $16.00
Trauma/Accident Assist
An emergency remedy for shock; fosters calming and a knowing that s/he is OK no matter what happens
Price: $16.00
Palliative Care
Lightens the sadness & grief; softens chronic pain & distress; restores peace and assists in letting go
Price: $16.00
Perfect Imperfection
For animals with physical difficulties or incapacitation eg inability to goom or feed themselves, loss of bladder control .Seeing self as perfect in an imperfect form.
Price: $16.00
Sting Less
Returns a sense of calmness ; reduces burning pain and sting.
Price: $16.00
Obsess Less
For the neurotic and obsessive pet who over grooms, paces or destroys property. Attends to the boredom often experienced as well as calming the obsessive, habilual behaviour.
Price: $16.00
Bark Less
Provides calmness& perspective when dogs bark from fear, agitation ,anger or habit.
Price: $16.00
Bully Less
Reduces anger or jealousy; engenders a a more sweet accommodating temperament and fosters group harmony
Price: $16.00
Happy Chappy
For the animal who hisses, growls and is generally grumpy. Whether the behaviour is a consequence of fear, bad habit moodiness or character, this remedy engenders an amenable nature.
Price: $16.00
Territorial Terrorist
This remedy helps with anger& relaxes territorial instincts as well as fostering group harmony
Price: $16.00
Bold Warrior
For the easily spooked, nervy, worriy-wart, over-cautious or cowering pet. This remedy fosters strength, trust and normalises behaviour.
Price: $16.00
Soiling Stop
When soiling is an attention getter, territorial mark or a sign of resentment or irritation at changes or other pets, this remedy supports the pet in healing its wounded spirit
Price: $16.00
Training Plus
Assist training in tricks, toileting, obedience and service work: The remedy assists remembering, short attention span and integration associated with new information; boosts interest and self esteem and assists the slow learner.
Price: $16.00
Take advantage of the
which is the perfect way to access vibrational support
that is specifically tailored for your pet's unique needs. Often, troublesome issues have many facets and are best served with a multi -layered remedy for you as well as your pet.  
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