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Blended Remedies
These are in 25ml dropper bottles, unless otherwise specified.
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Heaven Help Me
For emergency,crisis, fear, anxiety & shock.Alleviates feelings of stress and fear -related behaviour;provides clarity ,clearer decision-making ability;enables better coping in crisis or major change. Externally may relieve physical trauma-bruises,bites,itchy scalp...
Price: $16.00
Burn Aid Mist 100ml
Reduces distress associated with heat & sun exposure. Reduces pain of burns & stings. Helps with the fear of flames & hot objects.
Price: $22.00
Travel Assist
For jetlag and travel discomfort, this essence addresses time distortion, circulation, radiation, fear and energetic attachments. Boosting your energy to meet new people Travel Assist will foster a happy travelling experience for both long and short trips. In a handy 25ml dropper bottle, it is suitable to carry in your hand luggage or in your pocket.
Price: $16.00
Exam & Memory Assist
For mental focus, remembering & accessing details, learning from past mistakes ,moderation in the learning/study process; breaks patterns of past bad habits and helps integration when leaning new things
Price: $16.00
No More Anger
A combination to address anger (from the repressed to the explosive type and includes ego- based anger) Some manifestations of anger are negative self talk,road rage, jealousy, envy, resentment and these may be stored in liver, gall bladder or bowels.
Price: $16.00
Addresses deep fear, including churning fear, vague distrust or expectation of future difficulty/danger. Beneficial for those for whom fear is ever –present. Good for confident people who are unexpectedly challenged. Brings calmness, clarity and positive attitude, courage and psychic protection.
Price: $16.00
Grief Assist
Offers support for the denial , sadness,loneliness, abandonment ,unforgivingness & hopelessness associated with losing a loved one , ill health, or incapacitation This combination promotes acceptance, upliftment, love and hope.
Price: $16.00
Essenshell Child
This remedy helps calm children whose excessive behaviour causes stress. Helps moderate behaviour, improves self esteem and fosters better interaction with others.
Price: $16.00
Woman’s Midlife Harmoniser
Helpful for women with pre-menstral or menopausal difficulties, feelings of sexual failure or who are about to cease breastfeeding... Helps regain feelings of calm, reassurance, positivity, reasonableness and a more vital state when facing issues in midlife. This is the feminine emotional balancer when physical symptoms are present.
Price: $16.00
Beyond Time
Ageing can be a happy and stress-free process. This essence heals associated beliefs patterns about ageing.Promotes self-love and balanced behaviour and strengthens collagen fibres for more youthful movement and appearance.
Price: $16.00
Essenshell Boost
Enhances feelings of strength and vitality when feeling tired, run- down and depleted because of summer heat, sickness, postmenopausal depression or post viral depletion.
Price: $16.00
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