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How Essences help...   and frequently asked questions

when we are no longer able to change a situation,we are challenged to change ourselves-Victor Frankl

If you have navigated to this page, chances are that you , your pet  or your client is seeking additional support as you /they  face some physical, behavioral, emotional, attitudinal, mental or spiritual hurdle.
Life offers us
Traumas like the death of a loved one /pet, divorce, loss of income, sickness, incapacitation;
Changes like moving home, puberty, menopause, new job, additional pets, aging, change in lifestyle, routine; and
Difficulties like depression, despondency, isolation,work relationships, weight gain, psychic cordings, jet lag, violence, electro-magnetic disturbances, anniversary blues, family worries, stress, obsessional thinking, fear of heights, water, fire, feeling disconnected;
Negative emotions like anger,fear, sadness, regret, impatience, judgement, worry, hate, hurt, disappointment.
Essences offer us
Acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude,  harmony, patience,  calmness, kind-heartedness,      self control, new patterns of thinking,
feeling in our power, confidence, being grounded,  purposefulness, contentment, flexibility, clarity, peace, healthy boundaries, creativity, upliftment, group awareness, youthfulness, generosity , positivity in palliative care, wellbeing,psychic protection, starting afresh,positive teenage emotion,   tolerance, going with the flow, wisdom,endurance,discernment, responsibility,positivethoughts, balanced parenting,growth towards self-belief, self-love, relaxation , letting go, balance, empathy, moderation,compassion, efficiency, even-mindedness,hope, decisiveness, security ...
Essences help achieve balance, harmony and well-being !
Frequently Asked Questions-

What are they and how are they made?

making flower essences, distillationAll nature, including us, is made up of masses of energy vibrating at different speeds/frequencies and consequently manifesting into different densities.
Each essence vibrates with the characteristics of the matter from which it is made, but does not contain any of that matter. This resonance corresponds with a particular emotional, physical or spiritual attribute.
Instead of using chemicals, essences capture the essence of nature. The essence –making process is normally achieved using the sun to release the energetic imprint and healing force of the flower (or other matter) into pure water. Brandy is added  to ‘ground’ the energy and this acts as a preserving/ antibacterial agent.
How do vibrational essences work?
The taking of essences (which have captured the highest frequency of the plant, gem, shell etc) introduces our energy system to the elevated vibrations of nature. Sympathically, our energies gravitate towards the higher vibration- this can be subtle or dramatic as they work on the emotional, mental, and/ or spiritual levels and can impact on the physical.
Essences work on energy centres and fields in the body( human and animal), balancing and harmonising the flow with results like removing  negative thought/ emotional patterns, unblocking energy, releasing past trauma or supporting us as we move forward positively eg  with peace of mind, clarity or courage.
Essences do not change who we are, but they accentuate the higher qualities we already have inherently on some deeper level... Essences do not change events or people in our lives, but they do help us control how we react or respond to them. And this helps us achieve a life of balance, harmony and well-being.
Are essences new?
Modern day essences were pioneered in the 1930’s by Dr E. Bach, but essences were used millennia ago in the times of Lemuria and Atlantis. 

What type of essences can I choose from?
There are many ranges of vibrational essences available today such as plant, gem, shell ,flower, bark, and more recently, goddess, angel and location energy( just to name a few). Each is a  valid remedy and supports   you from a different perspective.
Currently I work with the Spirit_In-Nature (psycho-emotional balancing), the Shells (multidimensional spiritual, subtle body self healing) and White Light essences (understanding our spirituality and fulfilling our highest potential.)
Essences from various ranges may be blended to achieve a well rounded support for the individual.
flower essences ,Spirit in Nature,essence bottlesAre essences safe?
Essences are safe , as they
  •  Are a holistic form of energy medicine. 
  •  Are natural remedies made  by the method pioneered by Dr. Edward  Bach                                   
  •  Elicit gentle and subtle changes,
  •  Are complementary to allopathic medicine and other therapies,         
  •  Have no side affects or contra indications,  
  • Cannot be neutralized by other  substances,
  • Have innate safety valve so not possible to overdose,
Vibrational essences  are safe, but do not replace traditional medical or veterinary treatment. Where appropriate consult your physician.
Who can use essences?
Everyone can benefit from them- adults , children , babies and  pets.
They can also be used to minimise plant  trauma and to cleanse personal spaces of other people's energies.

How they can support  practitioners & clients?
  Whether you are a therapist, counsellor, healer, nurse, tarot reader , masseur or workshop facilitator, vibrational essences will prove beneficial to you, your clients and even to your workspace.
    As they are simple, safe, easy and inexpensive, both flower and nature
essences will prove invaluable in your practice .They support you personally, clear workplace energies and contribute to the holistic care of clients.
   I can formulate a blended essence specific to your workshop or group with a view to enhance  participation, capture more course content or as a take-home support.
   If you are a counsellor, motivator, meditation teacher, massage therapist, dog trainer, aged-care or art therapist or anyone who works with groups or who has clients with similar issues, having essences to offer to clients would enhance your service.
  • Essences for grief ,depression , unemployment ,self esteem
  • Essences for creative/ intuitive workshops
  • Essences for relieving stress around aging  and age-related issues
  • Weight loss programme support                                                         
  • Meditation blends
  • Dog training enhancement
  • Essences for healing blocks useful for massage
  • Essences for relaxation-bringing ease to the nervous in counselling
  Tell me your specific needs or ask for suggestions for your particular practice/event
I welcome the opportunity to assist you individually and to negotiate bulk orders.
Is there an essence for everything?
... an essence for the annoying barking dog next door?
... an essence for my dad's overbearing nature? essence for my teething baby?
... an essence for effective listening ? ....JUST A FEW EXAMPLES
In short, essences are of assistance to anyone, in any situation. The use of vibrational essences does however,call us to work on OUR issues, rather than trying to 'change' someone else.
  In the examples above, essence for acceptance or compassion will go a long way to allieviating the stress from the dog barking,and perhaps the irresponsible neighbour essence for speaking up or forgiveness or changing family patterns may be indicated  in the second scenario
... an essence for joy will help  lift moodiness  around teething essence for listening  assists with blending of ideas in group discussion.
Is it possible to choose a wrong essence?
You cannot really choose a’ wrong’ essence .
Vibrational essences are holistic and have no contra-indications, so any that you choose or that ‘feel’ right will be suitable for you. 
It is more a case of " what essence is a priority for me now" rather than "what essence is right for me"
When choosing for yourself, please address your concern from an emotional, mental or spiritual level, rather than from a physical perspective.
It seems that the essence is not working...
  • Sometimes, you just don't need essence support .This more often applies if essences form  a  regular part  of your health & development regime.
  • Essences should be taken regularly and as directed for optimum benefits.
  • Occassionally, we might find ourselves in a state of utter despair, from which it seems no therapy or essence can lift us .In this troubled time,  patience, prayer and connecting with friends is recommended.
  • Although there are no 'wrong' essences, there may be a more appropriate priority essence required . If after 3 days on an essence , you do not experience some results, move onto another essence.
How can I benefit from using essences?
Taking essences have the benefits of 
  • Being in control of your life
  • Developing qualities/aspects you desire
  • Being emotionally, mentally and spiritually balanced
  • Feeling empowered                                                read more 
Some samples of issues that  can be addresses  are  
  • Abundance                              •Anger
  • Moodiness                               •Relationships
  • Spiritual growth                       •Grief
  • Ageing                                    •Children
  • Home environment                  •Weight
  • Psychic protection                    •Ego issues
  • Breathing difficulties                •Teenage  yrs
  • Victim-mentality                       .Remorse
  • Self esteem                                                         read more
How are essences taken ?
taking flower essences, natural therapy, bach ,australian bush essencesOptimally, several drops are administered several times a day directly onto tongue.
Some essences can be experienced equally effectively in spray form, In bath water , in drinking water or in lotions.
Some circumstances will call for different applications-
  •   So as not to contaminate the dropper, you can first put drops  into the  hand or on a spoon -     this particularly applies for a small child or pet .
  •   In the cases of bruising or burns, some essences are  beneficially applied directly to site.
  •    In  cases of emergency or accident, essences can be placed anywhere on skin , fur , feathers  (but  not  directly on broken skin or wounds)
If  the presence of alcohol is an issue, then an essence can be
  •    placed  into  cold drinks
  •   dropped into hot drinks  at point of boiling which will  evaporate     the   alcohol or
  •    ordered initially with vinegar as alternative preservative.
When do I stop taking the essence ?
The usual recommendation is to take an essence anywhere from two to four weeks ( a 20ml bottle will cover this) as recommended by your practitioner. But do not discount your own intuition. If you find yourself 'forgetting' to take it after a couple of weeks, this can be taken as an indicator that you may no longer require the essence.
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