Mavis De Monte Nurturing -  caring for you so you can nurture others
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for Mindfulness & Relaxation

Meditation can enhance your physical , mental and emotional health and  start your journey of  self- knowledge, self empowerment and personal growth.

It begins with taking the time to stop and BE–  in one moment …..and building on that.  All you need is a still place , an open mind… and an open heart.

Expereience  different types of meditations as well as various tools that enhance your personal experience.

Each session comprises of a                                                      
●Discussion/activity as determined by group energy 
● Sharing time
● Light refreshment
   --------------------------------------------------------------------                           Details
Limited to small groups   
For beginners and the advanced                                                                                        
daytime       10.00 am
evening        7.00pm                      
cost             $15.00                             Registration essential 
venue          Victoria Point     

Contact me to register your interest or to find out details -
07 32078428 or 0407 07 8428 or

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