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Online Essence Consultation
flower essences, online e-consultation,wellbeing, nature, wellbeing,emotional help,anxiety,stress                     The online consultation is a
          convenient , affordable  and time-wise option.
 You access nature's healing gift of flower essences in a bottle  
                   Personally tailored for you!

What is it  ?
Similar to  a face-to-face consultation, an e- consultation relies on a
 two-way communication process by e-mail between you and I.
You have the opportunity to outline your issue or concerns and
to ask questions anytime.
People who use this service
  • require a individually blended holistic remedy with added bonus of   supportive information and follow-up service;
  •  work long or odd hours and find it difficult to get to the clinic;
  •  are house bound;
  •  are very busy  and want to save time and travel costs;
  •  live in a remote area;
  •  have no easy access to an essence practitioner;
  •  often feel more comfortable discussing things by email .
How does the e-consultation process work?
Step 1   Purchase e-consultation 
Step 2   Send completed form below.
I will get to work when I have received both the payment and form .
Step 3   I email you a recommended single/combination essence.In some  cases, a sequence of essences may be suggested for you/your pet.I may ask you more questions to fine-tune a selection for you.
Step 4   Reply your approval  or advise me of further aspects
Step 5   I send  you , by Australia Post within 36hours.
# a 25ml  dose bottle with dropper  (up to 5 essences combined)
  individually designed  
# Dosage  details (and programme details where more than one 
   bottle  is purchased)
# Instructions on how to care for your essence/s
#An affirmation ,short written meditation or visualization,
   inspirational verse or some helpful  tip, distant healing,  tarot or    
   numbers guidance or any combination thereof
Step 6   I follow-up   with an e-mail contact  after  21 days after
 shipping to  get feedback and check on your progress. 
Your details are kept confidential and at no time will they be given/sold to a third party  
PAYPAL will forward me only shipping information but NO other sensitive billing details  
START your on-line consultation...
Step 1  Purchase e-consultation.
Your personally blended vibrational essence, instructions, informational support . Postage added at checkout
Price: $35.00
Step 2   Complete form
Notes on completing the form before starting
This consultation and essence recommendation are for the person whose name appears at the top of the form.
If you are seeking a remedy for a child under 16 years, please record his/her name, sex and date of birth somewhere in the description.     
DESCRIBE present issue/situation 
  • Use as much detail as possible explaining how you feel at this time, what you’d like to address, who might be involved, over what time frame .There can never be too much relevant detail 
  • Focus on your feelings, your reactions, your needs, rather than how you think you want  to change a person or situation .
  • For a pet, include animal behaviour details with any emotional or other contributing factors you deem important.
 DESCRIBE desired outcome
  • How you would like the situation to be different,
  • How you‘d like to see yourself/ pet handle the issue in positive terms. (This helps set the primary goal).  eg  I want to feel at home in this country , .... My dog is going to puppy school  and iI want him not be scared of other dogs  and to easily remember  what he learns ...

 Complete form below and press Send

Email address
Date of Birth (eg 31/12/2009)
Shipping address
DESCRIBE PRESENT ISSUE/SITUATION with as much relevant detail as possible
DESCRIBE DESIRED OUTCOME ie how you'd like to see yourself /situation -use positive statements.
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