Mavis De Monte Nurturing -  caring for you so you can nurture others
I cannot tell you how highly I recommend her services. If I recognise my energy needs nurturing, I knock on Mavis's door. I have loved every session I have ever had with her.Taya
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I would really like you to please place my thoughts on your web site…as I feel that there are people out there who are in the same turmoil that I was and it would be just wonderful for them to know that you are able to help them thru with your wisdom and essences. K.H                                                                                   

... an enlightening reading with Mavis which propelled me directly to the art space to try and capture in a picture all that had been revealed. Special thanks must go to those women who worked all afternoon so that we could enjoy!  A.C.                                    

flower essences, essential oils, reiki, medical intuition,relaxation,aromatherapy, de-stress, balance Am using the essences as much as I can remember and telling myself nice things/good affirmations.  Was really nice to have someone listen and spend time and the "energy" stuff was awesome.  Think it also helped with this infection I've had for weeks that was starting to build in my ear and neck - seems to have suddenly taken a turn for the better over the last week which is awesome.  Maybe coincidental,  i dunno -  but hey I'll take all the positivity I can get.   Karma     
Robyn wrote:
"Thank you Mavis for a really wonderful, truely refreshing, aromatic experience on Sunday.  I could literally drink in the scent of the oils and at the same time feel their effects on my skin.  The mix of warm and cool sensation was just lovely.  ..(I was)  completely relaxed from head to toe, that was heaven ... and yes, I did sleep very well that night ... and I did feel 'looser and lighter' for a few days after too, which was a real pleasure.  I remembered to drink more water, Thank you again, lots of love, Robyn"

LG says
shifting your relationship,flower essences, vibrational therapies,feeling goodHi Mavis, Thank you for following up with me . I've noticed some difference in how I'm connecting with my daughter...More accepting of her need to be free from my ways of doing.There has definitely been a positive shift in our relating.I'm continuing to take the essenses... nearly finished nowI appreciate your help with this.

Karen says
Mavis, I have some wonderful news to share with you. I have been taking the shell essences that you so kindly made up for me .I just feel so much better within myself, I have had another hard week at work, but this time it has been so very different…. I have found that I am coping better.  I just feel so much more positive more calmer about myself… Even P****  has noticed how much better I am feeling within myself.I cannot thank you enough for helping me…

Heather says
getting more out of life, change your thoughts, reiki,healing, flower essencesWhat can I say?  I'm really not good at this sort of thing.  I just know it worked - well it certainly helped with the situation as I was able to move on, accept how it was and know that there was more to my life than my husband's work (which is 24/7 from home).    
Susan says...
Essence taken for release of relationship, included essence for grief, anxiety, Broken dreams, I release to assist beginning again
In March I was going through some emotional issues regarding a relationship that I was in, Mavis gave me some essence to assist with this.
During this time taking the essence I was feeling more in control of the situation a sense of calm with my self. I also could look at the situation with more clarity
With out the anxiety I was feeling before.
After finishing the essence I could look towards the future with the knowledge that I new that every think was going to be all ok.
I believed that the essence had helped me gain my strength to look at my life in a different way and to be in my own power to see things differently.
I also feel that Mavis had chosen me the right combination of essences for me which really helped me get through a difficult time in my life.     
LL says
self respect, stress, flower essences, vibrational remedies,essential oils, happy, sad, depressed, angryI was personally working through the emotion of “self respect and personal boundaries” and I had three people in my life that were causing me great stress….
After a consultation and some essences to take home within a few days of taking the drops it all became clear. I needed to have enough self respect for myself to walk away from all three of these people they were draining me and giving nothing back. I had known two of these people for years and still had not been able to see the situation clearly. It was quite clear to me that the drops had assisted in bringing this issue into focus and I also felt strong enough to end the relationship between all three. It was a very powerful experience for me and the drops were the catalyst                     
Dianne says
“Essenshell Child” – I** and S*** found that when D*****’s behaviour was starting to escalate they would send him to his room and then give him the essences. They would return about 5 minutes later and he seemed so much more relaxed and calm”
Leanne says
Recently I had found myself once again struggling with some emotional issues feeling very lost and unclear of what I was trying to achieve with my life nothing seemed to be going right and I was feeling drained all the time.
After seeing Mavis and taking the drops the very next day I had a defiant energy shift, I was feeling focused and started to clean up my study something I had been avoiding for sometime. I had lived in my current place for 18 months and had never thought to switch my office to the other spare room but that day it all become so clear and everything worked in the new room so much better. I was able to function much better and my energy levels were higher. I continued to take the drops when I felt that I needed support and from this new energized place I was able to achieve so much more once again the drops were the catalysis for this emotional shift.
So thank you Mavis for sharing the energy of essences with me.        
KH says
personal boundaries, healing thoughts and emotions,flower essencesThe essences are just wonderful I cannot thank you enough for helping thru such a turmoil time, the essences helped me to see that I am ok and I am following my heart and being just true and honest to myself and that
I am on the right path in my journey, it is a bumpy journey but I know that at the end of the tunnel there is light and I am starting to see and understand that I have been blessed with a gift that I just need to understand
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